Metropolitan University Prague, a partner of the fair and Metropolitan University Bank a.s.  announce a contest “THE BEST BUSINESS FLYER OF THE FAIR 2021” with the aim to promote and subsequently evaluate the best business flyer – an offer of a fictitious firm thematically focused on Easter. The evaluation will be given not only by an expert panel but also by the participants themselves, i.e. by the fictitious firms of the 26th ITFSF.

The top ten electronic flyers, as evaluated by the expert panel of the contest announcer (50% weight of the evaluation) and participants of the fair (50% weight of the evaluation – for the procedure see the next point) will be according to the programme of the 26th ITFSF evaluated live by the contest announcer.

All business flyers will be published on the website of the MU Bank.

Each participant of the fair (a fictitious company) can participate in the evaluation of the business flyers of the participants of the contest (except for their own flyer) by allocating 9 points to the flyer which is in their opinion the best, 7 points to the flyer that placed second, and 5 points to the flyer that placed third. The evaluation will be done through an electronic form which every participant of the contest – fictitious firm may download as of 1 March 2021 from the website of the MU Bank. A fictitious firm – a participant of the 26th ITFSF may give the evaluation only once and it must be sent from the email address of the fictitious firm and it must be confirmed by the teacher of the fictitious firm at no later than by 11 March 2021, 23:59, the subject of the email:  “Evaluation of Flyer – name of the fictitious firm”.

The subject of the business flyer evaluation – the evaluation criteria of the expert panel:

  • graphical design of the flyer,
  • originality and impression on the customer,
  • content (thematic focus of the offer) and completeness of information,
  • convincingness,
  • overall impression.

Prizes for winners: firms placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd will receive interesting material prizes from Metropolitan University Prague and Metropolitan University Bank.