Metropolitan University Bank (MUB) is a new fictitious bank that was established in January 2018 under the auspices of Metropolitan University Prague  with registered stocks in the fictitious amount of 500 mil. CZK. The objective of its activities is to provide fictitious bank services to clients from the ranks of fictitious companies as an actual bank would. Its activities shall include particularly the following: establishing and maintaining checking accounts, maintaining fixed term deposits, performing cashless payment transactions, performing inter-bank transactions, performing debit transactions, etc.

MUB was duly registered at the Centre for Fictitious Companies associated with the National Institution of Technical and Vocational Education (NUOV) in Prague. MUB uses a verified bank application that was developed by the Centre for Fictitious Companies and the plan is to further improve the application with the participation of MUB. Its priority is to provide high-quality bank services meeting the needs of fictitious companies operating in association with high schools or vocational schools in both the Czech Republic and abroad. The objective of MUB for the nearest future is to actively approach potential clients from the ranks of fictitious companies and offer them the establishment and subsequent maintenance of bank accounts.

MUB has partnered with the fictitious company Antre, which is associated with Business Academy Heroldovy Sady, that is the organizer of the annual International Trade Fair of Student Firms in Prague.