MUB Services

Establishing and maintaining checking accounts in the domestic currency with the possibility of transactions in foreign currency, providing standard bank services under the following conditions:
  • free opening and closing of the account
  • free electronic monthly account statement (sent via email)
  • maintaining of the account 30 fictitious CZK/ per month
  • cash transactions 10 fictitious CZK/ per transaction - payment order 4 fictitious CZK/ per transaction
  • interest for positive account balance 0.3 % per month
  • interest for negative account balance 3 % per month
  • cashless payment transactions, particularly payment orders - single, multiple
  • check transactions only for payment purposes
  • savings account along with a checking account
  • cash payment transactions - deposits and withdrawals - only during Trade Fairs MUB Cash Hours: every Thursday 15:00 – 17:00, Metropolitan University Bank, Učňovská 100/1, 190 00 Praha 9, Room No. 1305.
  • telebanking - banker on the phone in office hours:
    Monday 8:00–10:00
    Tuesday 12:30–14:00
    Thursday 15:00–17:00
    Friday 8:00–10:00
Establish a Fictitious Account

How to Establish a Checking Account for the Needs of a Fictitious Company?

MUB checking accounts are intended for all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs from the ranks of fictitious companies in both the Czech Republic and abroad.

Applicants shall complete an on-line agreement to establish and maintain an MUB checking account, complete the signature cards for the checking account, and put down a deposit in the minimum amount of 1,500.00 CZK.

The manner of conduct on behalf of the owner of the MUB Account to dispose with funds deposited in the MUB Account shall be stipulated in the signature cards.

Communication between the MUB Account owner or persons authorised to dispose with the MUB Account and MUB shall take place via telephone, email, and in person - in person only during the International Trade Fair of Fictitious Companies.

MUB shall provide any and all information regarding accounting to MUB Account owners via email.

Metropolitan University Bank

MUB is a fictitious bank that was established in January 2018 under the auspices of Metropolitan University Prague with registered stocks in the fictitious amount of 500 mil. CZK. The objective of its activities is to provide fictitious bank services to clients from the ranks of fictitious companies as an actual bank would. Its activities shall include particularly the following: establishing and maintaining checking accounts, maintaining fixed term deposits, performing cashless payment transactions, performing inter-bank transactions, performing debit transactions, etc.

MUB was duly registered at the Centre for Fictitious Companies associated with the National pedagogical institute of the Czech Republic (NPICR). MUB uses a verified bank application that was developed by the Centre for Fictitious Companies and the plan is to further improve the application with the participation of MUB. Its priority is to provide high-quality bank services meeting the needs of fictitious companies operating in association with high schools or vocational schools in both the Czech Republic and abroad. The objective of MUB for the nearest future is to actively approach potential clients from the ranks of fictitious companies and offer them the establishment and subsequent maintenance of bank accounts as well as participation at the International Trade Fair of Fictitious Companies that is to be held in Prague on 21- 23 March 2018.

MUB has partnered with the fictitious company Antre, which is associated with Business Academy Heroldovy Sady, that is the organizer of the annual International Trade Fair of Fictitious Companies in Prague.

MUB Presentation (pdf)